The Kenmare Family Dental 30th Anniversary prizes have finally been revealed!

1st Prize – Free Whitening Kit from Kenmare Family Dental (worth €200)
2nd Prize – Free Scale and Polish from Kenmare Family Dental (worth €75)
3rd Prize – Free Oral B Electric Toothbrush (worth approx €65)

Competition Terms and Conditions

  • Listed prizes are final and cannot be exchanged for any form of cash or an equivalent credit value
  • Judge’s decisions regarding prize winners are final and will not be reviewed or revised
  • Prizes relating to any form of dental or dental hygiene treatment(s) must only be claimed by the declared prize winner of the resulting prize and the prize cannot be exchanged or transferred to another existing or new patient
  • Prizes must be claimed before December 2020 by the declared recipients of the prizes
  • Judges reserve the right to withdraw/deny the issuing of a prize in the event of a dispute relating to prize acceptance or issues relating to payment for past, future or ongoing treatments at Kenmare Family Dental
  • Prize values are deemed to be as accurate as possible at time of publication but may be corrected at any time without notice