As a guide, the costs of some common private treatments are given below.  You will be given a full estimate and treatment plan after examination and will be advised of any proposed changes during a course of treatment.  Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff or your dentist.

Service Adult Child
Dental Examination (Includes X-Rays)
Includes Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment plan
€40 €30
Dental Prescription €40
Bite-wing radiograph €20  
Peri-Apical radiograph €20  
OPG (Panoramic) €60  
Emergency visits From €40  
Root Canal Treatment
Front tooth From €300
Pre-molar From €350
Molar From €600
Pulpotomy   €90
Pulpectomy   €90
Tooth-coloured Composite Fillings From €100 €70
Metal Amalgam Fillings €90-105  
One Fissure Sealant €40 €40
Four Fissure Sealants (at one visit) €100 €100
Temporary filling €50 €50
Routine extraction From €85 €60
Surgical extraction €130  
Periodontal Treatment
Scale and Polish (Hygienist or Dentist) €75  
Root Planing  (for treatment of gum disease) Per visit €80  
Gum Shield €80  
Nightguard-Hard Acrylic splint €200  
STA Wand €20  
Partial Acylic Denture From €400  
Partial Metal Denture From €950  
Full Upper Acrylic Denture From €500  
Full Lower Acrylic Denture From €500  
Full upper and lower acrylic denture From €900  
Denture Repair From €70  
Tooth Addition to denture From €120  
Crown and Bridge
Laboratory Fabricated Post and core From €120  
Composite Veneer (Per Veneer) From €150  
Porcelain Veneer (Per Veneer) €600  
Crown From €850
Bridge (Per Unit) From €850  
Stainless Steel Crown   €90
Pulpotomy/Pulpectomy & Stainless Steel Crown   €120-140
Teeth Whitening
Home bleaching tray upper and lower- bleaching tube inc. €200  
Bleaching tube (per tube) €25  
Replacement bleaching trays (upper & lower) €100